We stand for so much more. From the process to the product, Diedrich knows coffee
like no one else.

Coffee excellence for all

Diedrich's commitment to elevating the art of coffee roasting has no size limit. From coffee shops to large-scale commercial production, Diedrich's full spectrum product line enables roasters big and small to craft the perfect cup of coffee.

We roast with passion

Diedrich has a strong spiritual belief in the craft of roasting and the mystery of the coffee bean. A relationship develops between a roaster and their Diedrich, they fall in love all over again every time they roast.
They become one, the Diedrich learns and anticipates the roasters' vision. The result? Coffee excellence in every roast.

Quality is our philosophy

It is the reason why every Diedrich is hand built from the inside out, specifically engineered to achieve one goal-the perfect roast. High-grade carbon steel frame, aerospace grade fasteners, industrial grade motors, and the heaviest steel roasting drums in the business.
A Diedrich is a remarkably robust piece of industrial art.

Innovative excellence, always

The physics of roasting on a Diedrich are an entirely different experience. Patented infrared burners and scientific heat exchanger technology provide unsurpassed control over the roasting environment allowing roasters to maximize the distinct flavors of each bean...ultimately crafting the perfect cup.

Small town values global brand

Built on small town values, Diedrich started the same way as many of their customers, who are now acclaimed coffee roasters in the industry. With humble beginnings as a start-up in the family's garage to a renowned global brand, Diedrich is recognized today as the premier coffee roaster manufacturer.
Diedrich elevates the art of coffee roasting domestically and around the world.

More than a Manufacturer

Diedrich has been, and continues to be, an integral part of the coffee industry. When you buy a Diedrich you get more than a roaster. You get over three decades of industry knowledge and coffee roasting expertise at your service.

We do things the diedrich way

It's not just a name, it's our people. They are real, authentic, hardworking, and trustworthy. From the engineers, to the craftsman and office team, we pride ourselves on exceeding customer's expectations.
Integrity and accountability are part of our core values. The Diedrich way results in the world's best roaster backed by superior customer support. With a Diedrich you can roast with confidence knowing you're giving your customers the ultimate coffee experience

It’s a legacy

From a small coffee farm in Guatemala to the premier coffee roaster manufacturer, the name Diedrich speaks for itself. For more than three generations, Diedrich has been born in fire, shaped with muscle, and crafted with care.
Through innovation, integrity, and craftsmanship, Diedrich's rich coffee legacy was built to achieve one goal—the perfect roast. The legacy lives on with each and every customer that becomes part of the Diedrich family.

Green goes beyond the bean

A cleaner roasting process is not just good for the environment. It also creates defined taste characteristics and brings out the true quality of the bean. Patented infrared burners reduce noxious gas emissions by 50% compared to roasting on a traditional blue flame. Another Diedrich advantage, an efficient design, which reduces operating costs 40%-60%.
Coffee comes from the earth; it's our job to take care of it.

Made in the USA

Nestled between three mountain ranges, Diedrich Roasters is headquartered in Ponderay, Idaho. Located in the "Upper Left," the region is known for its uncompromising natural beauty and breathtaking glacial lake.
With a Diedrich you get what you expect from an American made product; quality, dependability, innovative advanced technology, and style.

Elevating the art of rosting

Diedrich's hands-on roasting school starts by getting you acquainted with your roaster. Then goes through the lifecycle of the bean and the history of coffee. Next, we teach the art of roasting profiles and how to bring out the distinct characteristics of each bean.
During the course, Diedrich's knowledge becomes yours.


Stephan Diedrich founded Diedrich Manufacturing Inc. in 1980 to build the most innovative and highest quality coffee roasting equipment. Stephen was raised on a coffee farm in Guatemala; he was literally engrossed in coffee from a very young age and garnered a tremendous amount of knowledge about coffee. This knowledge consisted of both the agricultural and roasting aspects of coffee.

In the late 1970's Stephan realized that, with the growth of the small retail coffee industry and the growing consumer demand for specialty coffees, a new and improved method of roasting coffee was required. Coffee roaster technology had changed little in the past 70 years. Roasters were still using atmospheric gas burners, which did not distribute the heat evenly on the roasting drum, resulting in hot and cold spots. Roasters also did not allow for finite control of air moving through the roasting drum. These two limitations prevented the emerging specialty coffee roasters from fully developing unique coffee blends.

Stephan was, and continues to be, a pioneer in the growth of the Specialty Coffee Roasting trend that started in the United States in the early 1980's. His development and marketing of the Diedrich IR-12 Coffee Roaster in 1981 took the industry by surprise. This revolutionary model incorporated a new radical design over the more conventional roasters. The design features of this new roaster maximized the inherent flavor of all coffees. Applying the correct combination of heat, airflow and timing, the IR-12 created the optimum environment for every varietal of coffee bean. This new roaster technology enabled complete control over the roasting environment, accommodating the differences in growing altitudes, cultivation techniques and processing methods as well as bean size, density and moisture content.

With patented infrared burners and scientific heat exchanger technology that provide unsurpassed control over the roasting environment allowing roasters to maximize the distinct flavors of each bean...ultimately crafting the perfect cup. The Diedrich Coffee Roaster quickly became the most sought after roaster among the emerging specialty coffee roasters in the United States. Stephan did not stop there though; he added other new roaster models incorporating the same technologies and expanded into ancillary equipment. In 1985 he developed and sold his first industrial size roaster, thus entering a whole new segment of the coffee equipment market. In less than two decades, Stephan and his wife Becky guided Diedrich Manufacturing, Inc from its roots as a start-up in the family's garage in Costa Mesa, California, to one of the world's premier coffee equipment manufacturers.

Today Diedrich Roasters capitalizes on its industry reputation for high quality products and services. At the same time, the Company is always looking to improve the roasters performance and build quality using the best technology and innovations on the market. Making Diedrich the most eco-friendly and most efficient roaster on the market today Our future is committed to the advancement of roasting technology and original product development.

"When Onyx Coffee Lab was first started, we wanted two main things in a coffee roaster. We desired a roaster that produced an extremely clean cup of coffee and one that allowed us to consistently roast the same batch time and time again. And with Diedrich Roasters, we got both! "

Mark Michaelson

Onyx Coffee Lab

"Working with Diedrich has been a pleasure from day one. Their customer service team is highly informative and helped us figure out what roaster would be the best fit for our operation. The craftsmanship and quality is uncompromisable. This is a diligent team with an eye for detail and a love for what they do. From taking their workshops and testing their roasters, we are confident in choosing a Diedrich."

Adam Bonaccorsi

Dave's Coffee

"The machine just showed up. Those guys in shipping do a heck of a job crating things up; I think I can reuse it as a garden shed. Thanks for everything"


9 Bar Espresso

"Couldn’t ask for a better machine. Seven years and 100,000 pounds roasted for our clients."

Jeremy Bohnenkamp

Plantation Coffee